Lines from London Terrace - book

Essays by Douglas Crase including "Apertures on a Virtual World" about Wappen Field, p 229-238

Structures Residency at Newlyn Art Gallery

Recording new work in Cornwall

Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, England

Structure Residency
Soul Junk
1 Channel Video
February 10 - February 24, 2018

Milton Art Bank

Soul Junk, 3 Channel video and sound installation
October 21, 2017 - January 6, 2018

New Media Gallery

Voicing, with Marcus Coates and Martin Backes, Vancouver, Canada

AptArt Salon, "A View from the Cloud"

AptArt, A View from the Cloud,  curated by Nina Colosi, Streaming Museum
May 24- June 28, 2017
70 Pine Street, #710
New York, NY
By Appointment

Duke University, Power Plant Gallery

Soundings: Protest/Politics/Dissent  
explores how artists navigate the depths of sound experience.
Here, protest, politics, and dissent are embodied in digital sound files. Broadcasted, they defy the transient nature of sound – only inasmuch as a single file can be replayed. Through repetition something happens.
Does one really hear the same thing twice?
From podcast to experimental audio, each artist captured, molded, manipulated, mediated, or composed sound into a document. The works embrace environment|climate change, diaspora|e/im/migration, incarceration|torture, and memory|trauma, deepening auditory perceptions.

January 13-Febraury 17, 2017
Curator: Caitlin Margaret Kelly