Books and Catalogues

Douglas Crase, Lines from London Terrace, Essays & Addresses, 2017, Pressed Wafer publisher, Aperture on a Virtual World, p. 229-238
Gorky's Granddaughter
Video Interview, November 13, 2016
Zachary Keeting & Christopher Joy
25:30 minutes
Buhmann, Stephanie, New York Studio Conversations, Seventeen Women Talk About Art, 2016, The Green Box, Kunst Editionen, p. 174-183
Articles and Reviews

edited by Mira Schor & Susan Bee
December 17, 2016
Final Issue, 10 year Anniversary
Stony Brook University
50 Years of Music & Technology: From Sine Waves to Robots
Perform "Impulsions" with composer Phil Edelstein,
October 14, 2016
The Key Reporter (Phi Beta Kapa), Life of the Mind, Svetlana Alpers review of New York Studio Conversations, Seventeen Women Talk About Art, 9/21/16
Under Main, Christine Huskisson, "To What Do We Belong", October 9, 2015
Lexington Herald-Leader, September 2015 Gallery Hop Highlights, September 17, 2015
NYFA Current, A Conversation with Artist Michelle Jaffé, by Madeleine Cutrona, April 17, 2015
Bedford & Bowery, Come to Bed for some Pillow Talk with this Artist, Angelica Frey, March 26, 2015
Washington Post, In the galleries: Where nature and art come together, Women Sculptors, by Mark Jenkins, June 20, 2014
Queens Tribune, Sound Artist Visits QCA, Trisha Sakhuja, November 21, 2013
Interview: Beall Center for Art + Technology,
Sight & Sound, October 3, 2013-January 25, 2014
University of California, Irvine
October 3, 2013
The New York Times, Where Medieval Armor Meets the Aquatic, Susan Hodara, September 19, 2013, p. WE9
A Public Space, Aperture On A Virtual Field, Douglas Crase, Winter No. 17, 2012, p.68-79,
By permission of Douglas Crase c/o Writers' Representatives, Interview 01, Stephanie Buhmann, January 29, 2013
The Art Cat, To be a Lady, Top Pick by Art Cat, September 2012
The New Criterion, Gallery Chronicle: To be a Lady: forty-five women in the arts, James Panero, Volume 31, November 2012, p. 52
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World Sculpture News, Seeking a Definition: The Multiple Directions of Sculpture Today, Robert C. Morgan, Spring 2012. p. 48, 49, 50
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Times Newsweekly, Queens Museum Sponsors a Ridgewood Art Crawl, May 10, 2012, p. 27
Daily News, Queens Museum of Art to highlight Ridgewood Art Scene, Clare Trapasso, May 11, 2012, p.53, Queens Edition
New York Culture Beat, by Suki Park, March 20, 2012, Exhibition Review of "Awakening (at the Lightning Field)" by Michelle Jaffé and "Visitors" by Heather Sheehan on exhibition at Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, Non Profit Foundation.
Wall Street Journal, Arts Scene Sprouts in Ridgewood, Queens, Kavita Mokha, January 27, 2012, p. A20
Art Experience NYC, When Bad is Good, Creativity and the Downturn, Claire Lieberman, Vol 1
No 3 Summer 2011, p 19-37, online magazine
Grand Rapids Press, UICA exhibit embodies ArtPrize, Becherer, Joseph, September 27, 2011, p. A7, PDF
Grand Rapids Press, UICA exhibit embodies ArtPrize, Becherer, Joseph, September 27, 2011, p. A7, Web Link
Grand Rapids Press, ArtPrize 2011 Reprise (photo editor's favorite photos), Hamilton, T.J., October 10, 2011
Grand Rapids Press, GVSU ArtPrize Project: UiCA review, Johnson, Dale, October 3, 2011
Grand Rapids Press, GVSU ArtPrize Project: Review of UICA works, Smith, Jessica, October 8, 2011
Yahoo News, Photo by T.J. Hamilton, October 21, 2011
Art in Brooklyn, Exhibit OPENING: NYFA Boot Camp Arts Festival Kick-Off, November 3, 2010
The New York Times, Canterbury Tales in Staten Island and Other Budget Fun
Louie, Elaine, Bowls That Could Double as Hats, The New York Times, February 3, 2010
In House, Heartfelt Housewares, The Denver Post, February 27, 2010
Materials: Felt, New York Spaces, March 2010
Trend Report: Past, Present, Fuchsia, California Home + Design, April 2010, p.44
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Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition 2006 catalogue, June 17-October 9, 2006
Helen Humphreys, The Whole Story, Walrus, April 2009, p.48-51
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